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Loads of A.D. Condo Miscellany!

I just uploaded about fifty comics to the A.D. Condo directory, and there are some real beauts in there, as you’d expect. Condo was an incredibly prolific creator, coming up with dozens of ideas that he threw at the wall. Not all of them took off like Mr. Skygack or Everett True, but they’re all fun and worth checking out!

Unpopular Science by A.D. Condo!

I just dug this out of the paper, this morning: a feature by Everett True’s creator that was new to me!

Unpopular Science is a feature from 1910 by our old friend A.D. Condo. He continues to show the streak of humanist moralism that we know from Everett True, with even more of a focus on self-improvement. It may be bad science, but it makes for a funny feature that may inspire you to get some stuff done around the house.

Visit the Unpopular Science archive for fifteen doses of reality!

Creator Showcase: A.D. Condo

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Condo’s Cavemen: This Day in History


We’ve seen our pal A.D. Condo produce humor from all sorts of situations, but who knew he had mined some laughs from the prehistoric age? Get ready to travel way back in time with This Day in History!  We’ve unearthed 20 of these, go check them out!

The Outpouring of A.D. Condo!

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A.D. Condo, beloved around these parts for his sublime strips The Outbursts of Everett True and Mr. Skygack From Mars, was a prolific cartoonist in the first decade of the 20th century! He cranked out an extraordinary number of small features and one-offs, and they’re of uniformly high quality. In this archive, you’ll find fun stuff like The Country Man’s Vacation in Town, Pity the Poor Farmer, Dainty Daisy Tries Physical Culture, and my favorites: Enslaved by a Pirate is a wonderfully illustrated serial, and Bump Talks is a crazy little feature sending up phrenology! Fun, fun, fun.