New Strip! A Trip to Mars!


Welcome to Mars, a dreamland where waiters never accept tips and there’s always a seat waiting for you on the subway!  W. Clyde Spencer’s delightful A Trip To Mars follows the exploits of a husband and wife honeymooning in the most exotic of destinations.  I love the martian character designs, especially those “armfins.”  Sure, each & every episode builds up to a punchline concerning how things are so different 95,000,000 miles from home, but there are a lot of wacky touches here and there that make this strip a lot of fun.  Go ahead, climb aboard that rocket ship and take a trip to Mars right now!

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  1. Sue Doe-Nymm says:

    One place this strip can be found online is in the 1911 Omaha Bee, available at Chronicling America. The panel shown above is from March 27.

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