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Raising the Curtain on The Big Time!


We’ve been hosting the print’n’play files here on Barnacle Press for a while, now, but I’m happy to announce that now there’s an easier way for you to get your hands on a copy of this vaudeville-themed boardgame, as designed by your faithful comic concierge. It’s being published by Game Salute, and the Kickstarter campaign is live, now!

It’s a really great game, if I’m allowed to say so! It’s accessible enough for families, but there’s enough depth in it to reward serious gamers. And it’s filled to the brim with that wonderful turn-of-the-(last)-century goodness that I know Barnacle Press fans love!

And if the vaudeville theme and fun gameplay wasn’t enough to interest you, there’s the fantastic illustration work, done by Adam Koford. Adam, also known online as Ape Lad, does a great web comic called LOL Cats, in addition to his job drawing pictures for a li’l company called Disney. He’s also done work for American Greetings, Boing Boing, the Daily Show, and MAD Magazine (!!!). Having him bring life to my design is absolutely wonderful; I think y’all’ll dig it!

So check out the Kickstarter page, and if you like what you’re seein’, hop on board!

Oh, Those Hats!


from George W. Rehse

The New Style


artist unknown

The Emotions of Women

Lazyest Gallery cannot access Higgins, E.R./

An interesting series of “insights” from a century ago by Winnie Lee with illustrations from E.R. Higgins. Or as one paper hyperbolically put it: a series of the most penetrating, the most brilliant contributions yet made to the subject of ‘woman’s nature’. See the Higgins archive for even more.

Lazyest Gallery cannot access Higgins, E.R./

The Day of the Girl

Lazyest Gallery cannot access Brinkley, Nell/