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New Strip: Oaky Doaks by R.B. Fuller!

R.B. Fuller’s medieval farce Oaky Doaks premiered in 1935, and would enjoy a healthy 25-year run in the funnies. It’s a strip about a young shepherd with dreams of becoming a knight. So with some homemade armor, he sets off for adventure! It’s overstuffed with puns both verbal and visual, anachronistic gags, and goofy characters, and the draftsmanship is perfectly honed; even though this was Fuller’s first newspaper strip, he was already a veteran of comic magazines. We have the first month of dailies posted now, and you can be sure that more are on their way!

Unpopular Science by A.D. Condo!

I just dug this out of the paper, this morning: a feature by Everett True’s creator that was new to me!

Unpopular Science is a feature from 1910 by our old friend A.D. Condo. He continues to show the streak of humanist moralism that we know from Everett True, with even more of a focus on self-improvement. It may be bad science, but it makes for a funny feature that may inspire you to get some stuff done around the house.

Visit the Unpopular Science archive for fifteen doses of reality!

A Transitional Period

Hullo, visitors! It’s been years since this site has received the love it deserves from its curators, but we’re in the process of applying our affections as we speak.

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