A Revival of Tattooing–in 1904!


I know it may puncture the vision you have in your head of the Barnacle Bros, but we’re not actually gentlemen in waistcoats and waxed moustaches. In fact, we have our roots in the punk rock scene, playing in bands together since high school, and your dear author is a burly, heavily tattooed fellow who plays guitar in a horror-punk band. Shocking, I know! (To date, I have only one comic-related tattoo: a portrait of Popeye taken from his first appearance in Thimble Theater.)

That being the case, I was delighted to find this brief article from 1904, heralding a revival of tattooing, especially among sailors and the Japanese, those “people of infinite patience”. If only the author could have lived to see the explosion of tattoos among the general public!

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