Billy Bounce: The Last Days of Denslow


It’s the first Billy Bounce post of the new year and it’s a sad one – today we reach the end of the Denslow era.  We’re picking up right where we left off with the circus and zoo at the beginning of June, 1902. Things fall apart a bit; my source papers poop out after two weeks for the rest of the month…luckily I was able to find the one above in another paper, but we’re still missing 6/15 and 6/22. The gang then leaves the circus in July and by the time they hit the seashore for a few weeks of laughs, Denslow is signing his last strip. My sources have the 7/20 Sunday comics section, but Billy is conspicuously absent.  I’m guessing he just didn’t run that day; if you know otherwise and can supply that date (or the two in June), please get in touch!

Look for the Kahles run to begin soon. And don’t fret, we may be seeing more Denslow material too (just not here in the Billy Bounce archive).

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