Seein’ Stars by Feg Murray

Today we add Seein’ Stars, by Feg Murray. Before embarking on decades of cartooning, he was an athlete, winning the Bronze Medal in hurdles at the 1920 Olympics! He did a similar feature focusing on sports stars before turning his sights to Hollywood in 1933. Seein’ Stars would go on for decades, featuring an array of stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age. We have the first four weeks up today, with a cavalcade of stars, including Myrna Loy, Charlie Chaplin, Jean Harlow, Fredric March, Clara Bow, Katharine Hepburn, Harold Lloyd, Loretta Young, Joan Blondell, and even Mahatma Gandhi!


  1. L. E. says:

    Nice to see that you’re back! Keep up the good work.

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