The Misadventures of Sammy Small!


Poor Sammy Small! He’s no worse than any other kid in comics, and really he’s a lot better than many. He’s boisterous, and it’s true that he causes some minor mischief, but the poor kid gets laid over a lap and spanked at the end of every strip! Especially egregious is the time that he gets beaten up soundly by several tough kids on the street, and then goes home and gets spanked by his old man for messing up his new clothes! This kid can’t catch a break…

But as bad as you might feel for the li’l guy’s predicaments, I think you’ll be well pleased with the craft of the strip. Dink Shannon has a terrific style, rounded and full, and his design for Sammy is pleasingly grotesque. So laugh a bit, feel for the kid a bit, but be sure to drink in the terrific cartooning.

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